TVS Cash Counting Machine CC 453 Star Plus


CC 453 Star+

CC 453 Star+ is designed with big front display and buttons with display range of 1-999. It automatically detects fake notes with ultraviolet and magnetic radiations and also counts old and new notes with high level of precision and speed (Super Fast Counting Speed -1000 Notes / Minute). It supports batching, adding and Self-examination functions

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Detection Tech                                              :           UV, MG, IR, 3D, COLOR

Hopper capacity                                            :           300 ( New Notes)

Stacker capacity                                            :           200-250 (New Notes)

Counting speed                                             :           1000 notes/min

Counting Display                                          :           4 digits

Batch Display                                                :           3 digits

Batch function                                              :           Yes

Mixed notes                                                   :           Yes

Denomination sorting                                 :           Yes

Counterfeit alarm                                         :           Yes

Automatic currency feeding                       :           Yes

Size detection                                                :           Yes

Half note detection                                      :           Yes

Double note detection                                 :           Yes

Total value function                                     :           Yes

Inbuilt display                                               :           Yes

External display                                            :           Yes

Software upgradation                                  :           Yes

Auto/Self Examination                               :           Yes

Interfaces                                                       :           RS232

Dimension                                                      :           292x248x175 mm

Size of Countable banknotes                      :           MIN: 50x110mm MAX: 90x190mm

Thickness of Countable banknotes           :           0.075mm – 0.15mm

Power Supply                                                 :           AC 220V, 50Hz

Power Consumption                                     :           ≤80W

Ambient Temperature                                 :           0°C – 40°C

Ambient Humidity                                       :           25% – 80%



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