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Avoccado Billing and Accounting Software

Welcome to the page dedicated to Avoccado Billing and Accounting Software, your complete solution for efficient financial management and streamlined business operations.

What is Avoccado Billing and Accounting Software?

Avoccado Billing Software and Accounting Software is a versatile and comprehensive tool designed to meet all your billing and accounting needs. Whether you’re a small business owner, a service provider, or manage a large retail store, supermarket, or toyshop, this software is tailored to simplify your financial tasks, inventory management, and much more.

Key Features

Avoccado offers a wide range of features to make your financial management easier:


  • Journal Entries: Record and track your financial transactions with ease.
  • Receipt/Payment Voucher: Manage receipts and payments efficiently.
  • Contra Entries: Handle contra entries effortlessly.
  • Day Book: Keep a detailed record of your daily transactions.
  • Trial Balance: Maintain a well-organized trial balance sheet.
  • Profit and Loss A/c: Track your profits and losses accurately.
  • Balance Sheet: Easily generate balance sheets.
  • Cheque Register: Efficiently manage your cheque transactions.
  • Customer Ledger: Keep detailed records of customer accounts.
  • Supplier Ledger: Maintain supplier transaction records.
  • Aging Analysis: Analyze the aging of your accounts receivable and payable.


  • User Creation: Create and manage user accounts.
  • User Roles: Define roles and permissions for users.
  • User Permission: Set permissions for different user roles.
  • User Action Log: Keep a log of user actions.
  • Multiple Company Management: Manage multiple companies seamlessly.
  • Backup/Restore: Ensure the safety of your data with easy backup and restore options.


  • Opening Stock Entry: Record your opening stock inventory.
  • Stock Adjustment: Make necessary adjustments to your stock levels.
  • Stock Transfer: Transfer stock efficiently between locations.
  • Unit Conversion: Convert between different units of measurement.
  • Negative Stock Restrictions: Implement restrictions to prevent negative stock.
  • Stock History: Keep track of stock history and changes.

Master Data Management

  • Main Category: Categorize your products for better organization.
  • Sub-category: Further classify your products.
  • Manufacturer: Manage information about product manufacturers.
  • Unlimited Product Creation: Create an unlimited number of product listings.
  • Area/Location: Manage and organize product locations.
  • Customer/Vendor: Maintain detailed records of your customers and vendors.
  • Employee Master: Manage employee information.
  • Ledger Accounts: Keep detailed ledger accounts.
  • Accounts Group: Group accounts for streamlined accounting.
  • Loyalty Manager: Implement loyalty programs for customers.
  • Multiple Price List: Set multiple price lists.
  • Sales Counter: Efficiently manage sales counters.
  • Cost Centre: Assign costs to various departments or projects.
  • Wallets (Gpay, Phonepe, etc..): Offer multiple payment options.

Offer Management

  • Offer Management: Create and manage special offers.
  • Event Manager: Organize and track events.
  • Item Promotions: Promote specific items effectively.
  • Category Promotions: Run promotions based on product categories.
  • Percentage Discounts: Apply percentage-based discounts.

Purchase Management

  • Purchase: Manage purchase orders.
  • Local Purchase: Handle local purchases efficiently.
  • Purchase Return: Manage and process purchase returns.
  • Receipt Note: Maintain detailed receipt notes.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Sales Report: Get insights into your sales data.
  • Purchase Report: Analyze your purchase transactions.
  • Accounts Report: Generate detailed accounts reports.
  • Analysis Report: Analyze your financial data for informed decisions.
  • Sales Counter Reports: Monitor sales counter activities.
  • Tax Reports: Stay compliant with tax reports.
  • Sales Return Reports: Track and manage sales returns.
  • Performance Dashboard: Visualize your business performance.
  • Report Export: Export reports to various formats for sharing and analysis.
  • Sales Staff Commission: Calculate and manage sales staff commissions.

Sales and Order Management

  • Sales: Process and manage sales transactions.
  • Local Sales: Handle local sales with ease.
  • Sales Return: Manage and process sales returns.
  • Sales Order: Create and manage sales orders.
  • Estimate: Provide estimates for your products or services.
  • Delivery Note: Efficiently handle delivery notes.
  • Touch POS Billing: Streamline point-of-sale billing.
  • Cost Centre Billing: Assign costs to specific cost centers.
  • Sale Order Conversion: Convert sales orders into invoices.
  • Estimate Conversion: Convert estimates into invoices.
  • Discount Management: Manage discounts effectively.
  • Credit Limit Management: Set credit limits for customers.
  • Delivery Note: Efficiently handle delivery notes.


  • Import/Export Products: Easily import and export product data.
  • Barcode Manager: Efficiently manage barcodes.
  • Label Printing: Print labels for your products.
  • Price List Updater: Update price lists effortlessly.
  • Price Updater: Keep your prices up to date.
  • Weighing Scale Integration: Integrate weighing scales for streamlined operations.
  • Stock Device Integration: Connect with stock management devices.
  • Tally Export: Export data to Tally accounting software.
  • Transaction Update: Keep transactions updated.
  • Production Module: Manage production processes.
  • Bill of Materials: Create and manage bills of materials.
  • Item-wise Offer: Implement offers on specific items.
  • Optical Module: Manage optical product details.
  • Serial Number Tracking: Track products by their serial numbers.
  • Customer SMS: Send SMS notifications to customers.
  • Re-order Level Notification: Set re-order level notifications.
  • Display Images in POS Screen: Enhance the point-of-sale experience.
  • GST/CESS and Other Taxes: Manage taxes effectively.
  • Expiry Management: Keep track of product expirations.
  • Sq.ft Units: Use square footage units for certain products.
  • Negative Stock Management: Implement controls for negative stock.
  • Credit Limit: Set credit limits for customers.
  • Product Barcoding: Create and manage product barcodes.
  • Multiple MRP Management: Manage multiple maximum retail prices.
  • Pole Display/Secondary Display: Enhance your point-of-sale setup.
  • Cash Desk on Payment: Manage cash transactions efficiently.
  • Barcode Scanner Mode: Improve efficiency with barcode scanning.
  • Multi-user Connectivity: Connect multiple users.
  • Multi-Store/Warehouse Connectivity: Manage multiple stores or warehouses.
  • Multi-Outlet Connectivity: Connect with multiple sales outlets.
  • Cloud-Based Billing: Access your data from the cloud.
  • Access from Anywhere: Access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Unlimited Client Connectivity: Connect with an unlimited number of clients.
  • Financial Year Closing: Manage financial year closings efficiently.
  • Home Delivery Module: Implement home delivery services.
  • Rack Management: Organize and manage product racks effectively.

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Avoccado Billing Software and Accounting Software

Sl No. Modules Features Availability
          1            Accounting Journal Entries Yes
          2            Accounting Receipt/Payment Voucher Yes
          3            Accounting Contra Entries Yes
          4            Accounting Day Book Yes
          5            Accounting Trial Balance Yes
          6            Accounting Profit and Loss A/c Yes
          7            Accounting Balance Sheet Yes
          8            Accounting Cheque Register Yes
          9            Accounting Customer Ledger Yes
        10          Accounting Supplier Ledger Yes
        11          Accounting Aging Analysis Yes
        12          Administration User Creation Yes
        13          Administration User Roles Yes
        14          Administration User Permission Yes
        15          Administration User Action Log Yes
        16          Administration Multiple Company Management Yes
        17          Administration Backup/Restore Yes
        18          Inventory Opening Stock Entry Yes
        19          Inventory Stock Adjustment Yes
        20          Inventory Stock Transfer Yes
        21          Inventory Unit Conversion Yes
        22          Inventory Negative Stock Restrictions Yes
        23          Inventory Stock History Yes
        24          Master Main Category Yes
        25          Master Sub-category Yes
        26          Master Manufacturer Yes
        27          Master Unlimited Product Creation Yes
        28          Master Area/Location Yes
        29          Master Customer/Vendor Yes
        30          Master Employee Master Yes
        31          Master Ledger Accounts Yes
        32          Master Accounts Group Yes
        33          Master Loyalty Manager Yes
        34          Master Multiple Price List Yes
        35          Master Sales Counter Yes
        36          Master Cost Centre Yes
        37          Master Wallets (Gpay, Phonepe etc..) Yes
        38          Offer Management Offer Management Yes
        39          Offer Management Event Manager Yes
        40          Offer Management Item Promotions Yes
        41          Offer Management Category Promotions Yes
        42          Offer Management Percentage Discounts Yes
        43          Purchase Purchase Yes
        44          Purchase Local Purchase Yes
        45          Purchase Purchase Return Yes
        46          Purchase Receipt Note Yes
        47          Reports Sales Report Yes
        48          Reports Purchase Report Yes
        49          Reports Accounts Report Yes
        50          Reports Analysis Report Yes
        51          Reports Sales Counter Reports Yes
        52          Reports Tax Reports Yes
        53          Reports Sales Return Reports Yes
        54          Reports Performance Dashboard Yes
        55          Reports Report Export to xls,pdf,email etc… Yes
        56          Reports Sales Staff Commission Yes
        57          Sales Sales Yes
        58          Sales Local Sales Yes
        59          Sales Sales Return Yes
        60          Sales Sales Order Yes
        61          Sales Estimate Yes
        62          Sales Delivery Note Yes
        63          Sales Touch POS Billing Yes
        64          Sales Cost Centre wise Billing Yes
        65          Sales Sale Order Conversion to Invoice Yes
        66          Sales Estimate Conversion to Invoice Yes
        67          Sales Discount Management Yes
        68          Sales Credit Limit Management Yes
        69          Sales Delivery Note Yes
        70          Utilities Import/Export Products Yes
        71          Utilities Barcode Manager Yes
        72          Utilities Label Printing Yes
        73          Utilities Price List Updater Yes
        74          Utilities Price Updater Yes
        75          Utilities Weighing Scale Integration Yes
        76          Utilities Stock Device Integration Yes
        77          Utilities Tally Export Yes
        78          Utilities Transaction Update Yes
        79          Utilities Production Module Yes
        80          Utilities Bill of Materials Yes
        81          Utilities Item wise offer Yes
        82          Utilities Optical Module Yes
        83          Utilities Serial Number Tracking Yes
        84          Utilities Customer SMS Yes
        85          Utilities Re-order Level Notification Yes
        86          Utilities Display Images in POS screen Yes
        87          Utilities GST/CESS and other taxes Yes
        88          Utilities Expiry Management Yes
        89          Utilities Sq.ft Units Yes
        90          Utilities Negative Stock Management Yes
        91          Utilities Credit Limit Yes
        92          Utilities Product Barcoding Yes
        93          Utilities Multiple MRP Management Yes
        94          Utilities Pole Display/Secondary Display Yes
        95          Utilities Cash Desk on Payment Yes
        96          Utilities Barcode Scanner Mode Yes
        97          Utilities Multi-user Connectivity Yes
        98          Utilities Multi-Store/warehouse Connectivity Yes
        99          Utilities Multi-Outlet Connectivity Yes
      100        Utilities Cloud Based Billing Yes
      101        Utilities Access from anywhere Yes
      102        Utilities Unlimited Client Connectivity Yes
      103        Utilities Financial Year Closing Yes
      104        Utilities Home Delivery Module Yes
      105        Utilities Rack Management Yes


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